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Oh my goodness, families! Come show me who you are. Invite me to your home. Fill up my studio with complicated teenagers and wiggly toddlers and grandmothers who care with a depth we can't even comprehend. Let me document these relationships you have with each other, messy and loving and so very human.

Booking: Online booking calendar (or just email, text, or call)

Pricing: $200 Session Fee, due at Booking

Products: Gorgeous wall art and intriguing storybook albums. A complimentary web-ready image download with each image you purchase as a product. Families spend between $175 and $4000 on products, but there's never an obligation to purchase.

In-Person Image Review & Sales Session: If everyone has time right away, we'll review the images right away! Picture the images on your wall, quite literally, with image software.

Locations: Megpix Studio - 122 Western Avenue, Studio 229, Lowell MA

Or invite me to your home to photograph you in your environment. Or bring me to a location to make super-fun and memorable images.

Rewards - $100 Print Credits

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