Career - Businesses, Headshots, & Beyond

When you've got a good headshot, it's easier to show people your abilities, friendliness, and style.

Story time: Rob worked part-time at a grocery store while he looked for the next step in his career in telecommunications management. He got in touch to arrange a headshot session. After talking about his goals, we crafted a set of images that, as soon as they were up on LinkedIn, resulted in a series of interviews that landed him a very rewarding job. Jeez, I oughta charge a percentage.

So get in touch to talk about headshots for you or the whole team, and other small-business projects. I'm here to help.


Headshot Session Fee: Waived.

First headshot is $200, additional images $150 apiece. Includes detailed retouch. Digital delivery of a print-ready high-res and web-ready low-res file, with rights to reproduce the image(s) for promotional uses. Super-simple.

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