Double Up Sale! Through 7/14!


Have we done a fun, easy family portrait session together lately? Is it on your to-do list for 2019? I like making things easier. I'll double up the value of the session down payment, booked by 7/14/2019. Which all goes towards products anyway. And which will freeze the product price list at the current level! Double the value of the $299 down payment to almost $600 in product value, woo! 

These are for carefree, outdoor summer sessions while it's green, or while it's warm at the beach. Or for Fall sessions in the woods and fields that are turning New England colors. Or for a studio shoot with our choice of backdrops and lighting. I adore photographing large families, so when's your family reunion? The voucher is good through 2019.


Don't know yet what time and date you want? Don't need to - reserve a pretend session for 7/14, and we'll figure out the rest together! Curious about available dates?     


Frequently Answered Questions:

- Fall sessions during the weekend are at a premium because everybody's madly busy. I'd love to see you during a weekday or during our glorious but brief summer. Weekend sessions during Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec require a down payment of $799. Yes, you can use the voucher for $598 of that. During booking, make the regular down payment of $299, and I'll follow up with an invoice for the remainder.

- One voucher or discount per family session, please. Girl's gotta make a living! - Product prices are frozen as of the date of your down payment. They unfreeze 6 months or 183 days later, whichever is longer.

- The double-up voucher is good for new family portrait sessions completed through 12/31/19 at 11:59 pm. But if you've got me on New Year's Eve, I'm going to be drinking whiskey, and I won't promise that anything will be in focus. So book early, my little limit testers.

- As of 1/1/20, vouchers will revert to the actual amount paid.

- You can begin a payment plan towards products at any time, so that you're all paid up by the date of our session. Then everyone just shows up and has a blast. Please drop me a note if you're interested in a payment plan for before or after, and I'll share details.

- There are no session fees within 30 minutes' drive of my home base, Lowell MA. I usually photograph a family or group for about an hour because after that, everyone in front of the camera gets fatigued. For families with young children, morning shoots are the best. Think we'll need a little longer than an hour, or have a beach house where the family gathers up in Maine? Let's talk!

Happy Summer! 



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