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Family - The Art of the Painless Portrait

We're about to give ourselves a license to play. For an hour or so, we drop everything else and spend time with each other. I suggest stuff. You suggest stuff. Before we know it, there are dozens of amazing pictures made.

A week or so later, we'll get together to view the images and make some choices. I'll suggest wall panels. You'll suggest the space over the couch. Before we know it, you've got beautiful memories, displayed and shared. (Are you sensing a theme here?)

Over the years, I've developed a collaborative style that's inclusive, fun, and painless. We chat before the shoot to figure out details, logistics, style, and wardrobe. I ask about personalities, so we can be helpful to everyone. Wiggly toddlers are seriously the best. People on the Spectrum, those who have developmental disabilities, and your loves who are not neurotypical are welcomed with open arms (well, after I've figured out if they want a hug or not). LGBTQ+ oh my goodness yes. 

Let's talk details!


There's no session fee. License to play: GRANTED!

Advance-purchase gift certificates are available at a 20% discount. These special gift certificates are only available within 48 hours of the day you book your shoot. If you don't use the entire amount at your ordering session, you can transfer the remainder to a friend!


A lustre 8x10 or 8x12 print is $65.

When you've purchased $300 or more during your ordering appointment, any print sized 8x10 or larger comes with its own high-resolution file.

If you only need downloads from our shoot, the first image is $150, and additional images are $100 each. I totally want you to have prints with your images, can you tell?

My favorite product is the StoryBoard Wall Panel. At 16x20 or 16x24, choose 2-4 images, and I'll build you a story. That's $400, so high-res downloads of those images are included! Add additional images for $50 each.

Gift prints at 4x6 or 5x7 come in sets of any 4 images for $120.


I love to come to you, and locations within 45 minutes or so of Lowell are included.

The studio, with its brick wall, giant windows, and big backdrops, has easy parking.

Megpix Studio

122 Western Ave. Studio 229

Lowell MA 01851



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